Science demands the utmost
in precision and reliability,
regardless of the harsh
realities encountered in
unpredictable field conditions.

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Our proven technology provides
a window to examine the
very forces that shape our
waters and indeed our entire

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We meet industry demands
with results, accuracy and
cost-effectiveness built in.

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Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. provides world-class technology in our line of advanced dissolved gas sensors.

Measurements of dissolved gases in natural waters provide critical information for monitoring biological production, understanding the dynamics of greenhouse gases, surveying the distribution of pollutants, and determining the health of sensitive ecosystems.


Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016, New Orleans


Underwater Sensor Technology in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

2015/11/25by Mark Barry

Ocean Business 2015

2015/03/29– Visit our booth in the Atlantic Canada Pavilion – C9 & D1

Alliance for Coastal Technologies Workshop


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